Commonly Asked Questions Regarding My Business and Services

Property owners have been inquisitive about me and my high-caliber painting services ever since I started my company, and I have been the subject of a lot of inquiries and one of the top exterior painting companies in the area. I chose to group these inquiries on one page with the pertinent answers because some of these queries are asked more frequently than others. This FAQ page is the result, so if you’re interested in learning more about what I have to offer as an interior painter, feel free to check it out. Examine this page right now!

When did you start painting properties?

Although I started Twin Brushes Painting Services INC in 2022, I had been in the property painting industry for 12 years. My expertise as a professional painting service provider has significantly enhanced my abilities and assisted me in mastering cutting-edge techniques and procedures, allowing me to satisfy the painting demands of my customers and surpass all of their expectations.

Do you work on commercial properties?

I do, indeed! I typically provide exterior and interior painting services for homes, but I also help landlords and property managers, company owners, and managers of other establishments. Give me a call if you want trustworthy painting services!

What kind of paint do you use?

I only use premium paints from manufacturers and suppliers I can rely on, who are renowned for the high caliber of their goods. I make certain that the paints I use have rich, beautiful hues and superb coverage.

Which paint is best for my property?

The space and surfaces you intend to paint will determine the response. Kitchens, for instance, should be painted with semi-gloss paints since they are easy to clean and don’t accumulate grime and grease. On the other hand, flat paints typically help living rooms look nicer since they cover up minor flaws like microscopic cracks and make the walls appear smoother and more appealing.

Do you offer free estimates to your clients?

I always offer free estimates because I want to make sure that my clients can plan their budgets appropriately and have a clear understanding of how much their drywall and painting will cost. By calling me right away, you may get your free project estimate!

What are your operating days and hours?

I only work on Mondays and Fridays from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I don’t open during weekdays as I offer these days to rest.

What are the payment methods that you accept?

I only accept cash, checks, and Venmo for payments.

Are you certified and insured?

Yes! I make sure that I’m qualified to be your trusted painter in Troy, NY. I comply with these as part of my reputation and to provide my clients with high-quality and affordable house painting services.

Do you still have concerns about Twin Brushes Painting Services INC? Do not be reluctant to call me! Simply call (518) 718-3411 so that I can address your inquiries and give you the details you want regarding my company and the expert drywall and painting solutions that I offer in Troy, NY. Find out why I’m a reliable painter in the area by getting in touch with me right now!